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What businesses and employees really think about wikis

September 18, 2010 1 comment

Enterprise Wikis

Following my previous blog, I personally think Wikipedia is a favourable starting source for quick facts or a starting point for research. So, with this in mind I have had a look at wikipedia’s definition of an Enterprise Wiki. It states that it is a Wiki commonly used within a business to enhance knowledge sharing. It also points out that in some cases it has completely replaced a businesses content management system and is also used for project management and marketing to is consumers. [1]

A great example of a company using a Wiki for project management is Pixar. When filming one of their popular movies, Wall-e, they used a Wiki to manage the whole project. Obviously it worked extremely well, as the movie was very successful. [2]

When it was decided that Pixar would implement they found themselves in a situation that many businesses find themselves in this days. The employees had already started to use Wikis for their daily tasks. [2]

Many [out of touch] managers believe that employees would be resistant to the change when implementing an enterprise Wiki. However, as many of them find out very quickly, the employees are fair from that, and would happily see it implemented.

In 2008 ChangeWave Research reported that only 24% of companies are using web 2.0 applications within their companies and another 8% were planning to use them in 2009. 20% of these companies saw Wikis as beneficial tools to their company. A total of 39% of the companies reported they their organisation is very or somewhat willing to use web 2.0 tools. [3]

I find these to be very interesting facts. I am wondering how many of the respondents actually asked their employees these questions. In many cases they may actually find that the employees are using these tools anyway, if the business likes it or not. [4]

Personal experience with Wikis

My personal experience with Wikis has overall been fairly positive. I use to help maintain the Wiki for a game I use to play and found it a fantastic source of information.

When I first started I found it a little confusing when trying to edit it. This is because I am used to programming in HTML and PHP, and found the syntax in Wikis extremely different. However once you get the hang of it, I believe it is fairly intuitive and easy to use.





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Oh come on! Wikipedia isn’t that inaccurate!

September 17, 2010 1 comment

When looking for quick facts on a topic we all go to Google to find answers, and more commonly than not we click on the Wikipedia link. Wikipedia has become one of the top ranked in Google results, and for a simple reason. As it is an encyclopaedia maintained by [ultimately] everyone it is one of the most accurate, up-to-date and in-depth encyclopaedia available. According to a study carried out in 2005 by “Nature”, a journal of science, Wikipedia is just as accurate as Encyclopedia Britannica with only a slightly higher error rate. [1]

Since this study in 2005, Wikipedia’s article rate has exploded and the information gathered has increased exponentially, because of this you could question whether this has made it’s articles accuracy decline. According to a study carried out by Jefferson Medical College of Thomas Jefferson University this is not the case. He found that Wikipedia was just as accurate as well-known journal articles, however it’s writing style was a little harder to read. I would assume this would be because so many people put their 2 cents in on a topic, adding to an existing part that was written a different way. [2]

With this in mind I really don’t understand why many university lectures will not take wikipedia as a reference. In some cases they have state that they will fail you if they find wikipedia on your reference list. Yes, I have to agree it isn’t the best reputable source, however it is a fantastic place to start.